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Staying Connected through life's tribulations

As our world began to close down in March of 2020 at the dawn of a new pandemic, many of us found ourselves facing new fears and struggles we could never have imagined throughout our lifetimes. Our faith has always been our source of strength and purpose and here we find our faith, once again, bringing us together, if even for a few moments every Tuesday night, through good times and bad. All are welcome here during this time of fellowship and discussion.

Upcoming Presenters:

Debbie Hassert- Our leadoff hitter who packs a powerful punch with each lesson sets the bar for the rest of us.

Willetta Price- A rookie, this young lady is coming on board with a fresh and uplifting perspective as you have never seen!

GleeAnn Kehr- Be ready as she tackles the rough issues and answers the tough questions.

Kay Norfleet- Another rookie with an extensive background who is not afraid to approach the hottest of topics.

Phil Ramos- If you enjoy wild and unpredictable, you won't want to miss his lessons!

Dottie McAdams- Our third rookie in the link-up with incredible experience in all sorts of small groups, brings the razzle-dazzle to Tuesday nights.

Bill Price- Our very own certified layperson Mr. Bill Price will masterfully close each series with his classic and suspenseful cliffhangers.